Annotation .
This graduation thesis work  contains pages of printed text, tables, figures and a list of references of  items.
The graphical part is represented on sheets of A1 size.
Key words: connective beam,  automatic submerged  welding, technological process, welding stand, rivets, pyatnic.
The purpose of the graduation thesis work is the reduction of material and energy intensity, the increase of productivity, the improvement of  the quality of weld joints.
A highly productive technological process and equipment for welding of the connecting beams of the railway tank has been developed in this paper.
Semi-automatic welding with carbon dioxide as shielding gas has been replaced by the automatic submerged flux welding,  increasing welding speed, the exclusion of spraying and improving the quality of welds.
Automated stands for assembling and welding the connecting beams, providing high quality assembly due to the use of pneumatic and hydro chucks, and simultaneous  welding together  by the two welding units have been developed.

The technological process provides the  reduction of production costs and  harmful emissions

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The theme of the graduation qualification work  is  " The project of  manufacturing area for the production support of  the repair of a moving truck crane # 055752 – Tx1 – 38 SB within  the open joint stock society “Azovmash”".
Key words: welding, a moving truck, crane, mixture of gases, automatic, semiautomatic, power source, modern equipment.
An explanatory note and the graphic part are enclosed to the graduation qualification work in accordance with the theme of the assignment .
We propose an automatic and mechanized welding method with the help of semiautomatic machine gun with the given length of the seams. As  protection of the zone of the arc triple gas mixture – Ar + CO2 + O2 - is proposed in conjunction with copper plated wire – Cb – 08 G2C – O. Inefficient carved arc welding is excluded. The equipment to be selected is modern automatic and semi-automatic, such as  A -1417, KIU – 1201, KP – 004 and a power source KIU - 501.
Mechanized site is designed with relevant stands for assembly and welding, it has made possible to create a direct direction of the manufacturing process.
The use of advanced technologies in conjunction with the productive equipment made it possible to obtain economic benefits in the amount of ...
Projected area is rational and can be used for introduction into production.